4 Channel Relay Board

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4 Channel Relay Driver


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4 Channel Relay Board Driver is used to switch inductive loads such as relays, solenoids incandescent lamps, and small DC motors without the need of a free-wheeling diode. The device integrates all necessary items such as the MOSFET switch, ESD protection, and Zener clamps. It accepts logic level inputs thus allowing it to be driven by a large variety of devices including logic gates, inverters, and microcontrollers.


•Provides a Robust Driver Interface Between D.C. Relay Coil   and Sensitive Logic Circuits

•Optimized to Switch Relays of 12 V Rail

•Capable of Driving Relay Coils Rated up to 6.0 W at 12 V.

Internal Zener Eliminates the Need of Free-Wheeling Diode

Internal Zener Clamp Routes Induced Current to Ground for Quieter Systems Operation


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