40 pin AVR development board

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40 pin AVR development board


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Product Description

This low cost AVR development board can be used to get started with 40 PIN AVR devices or to test and build projects easily. Get this board along with our USB AVR Programmer and you have complete development and learning platform. The bundled CD provides all software tools, documentation and tutorials to learn the AVR microcontrollers. The board is compatible with highly popular ATmega16 and ATmega32 MCUs.

NOTE: You will need a 12V 1A DC Power Adapter to power up this board. This adapter is NOT included with the board.

Features of the development board

  • Low Cost: Good Startup with microcontrollers in a budget.
  • High Quality FR4 PCB
  • TIN Plated pads for easy soldering and durability.
  • BOLD and clear Silk-screen layer (Top White Labeling layer)
  • Incircuit programmable with USB AVR Programmer.
  • Inbuilt 5V regulated supply for MCU and other ICs
  • Standard DC Jack for powering with standard Power Adapters.
  • On/Off Switch
  • Power Indicator LED
  • 16MHz Crystal for MAX speed.
  • 5v output to power extra project specific ICs/Components.
  • One User LED: Can be connected to any I/O line by using female/female burg wires.
  • One User Button.
  • Reset Button
  • Serial Port with standard DB9 Female Connector.
  • All MCU IO Line available on male headers.
  • Large Prototyping area to expand the board to your own specific needs.

Package Contents

  • Low Cost AVR Development Board – 40 Pins
  • ATmega32 or ATmega16, 40 PIN Microcontroller IC (Optional – On Extra Payment Only)
  • MAX232 RS232 line driver IC


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