40 pin PIC development board

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40 pin PIC development board


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This board will help you build and test any project with PIC microcontroller quickly and easily. It can be used to work with any 40 PIN PIC micros. The board provides the basic environment for the PIC to run. The great advantage of the design is replaceable prototyping area. All ports and power supply are available on 40 PIN male connecter. You can easily attach a normal veroboard with help of 40 PIN female headers. Now all PORTs of MCU are available on the veroboard where you can design the rest of your project. In this way you can create many different project with the same development board, you just need a blank veroboard. By using this technique the “rest” of your project and the development board are paired firmly, both electrically and physically, yet flexibly separable!


  • Incircuit Serially Programmable with eXtreme Burner – PIC.
  • PIC 18F4550 (Optional)
    • USB 2.0 Support
    • Running @ 48 MHz (12MIPS) with 20 MHz crystal. (Using on chip PLL)
  • PIC 18F4520 (Optional)
    • Flash Memory 32KB
    • EEPROM 256 Bytes
    • Up to 10 MIPS performance
    • C compiler optimized RISC architecture
    • 10-bit ADC, 13 channels, 100K samples per second
  • PIC 16F877A (Optional)
    • Flash Memory 14 KB (8K words)
    • EEPROM 256 Bytes
    • ADC 8 Channel 10 Bits
  • Inbuilt 5V regulator with reverse voltage protection
  • Power Switch (on/off)
  • Power LED
  • Reset Button
  • RS232 Interface with DB9 male connector.
  • 2 x Extra 5v Out
  • All ports on linear 40 pin female connector.
  • Replaceable prototyping area
  • 1 user programmable LED
  • 1 user programmable Button.
  • Add on Board Support (Many Add-ons Coming Soon…)

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