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8051 Self Learning kit


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Product Description

Technido introduces “8051 Self Learning Kit”, with a new concept of SWITCHABLE Microcontroller board, which means you can move to other microcontroller after completing your course of 8051, without investing the whole cost. Other Microcontroller can be PIC/AVR/Arduino/ARM Now, Engineering student and electronic aspirants can learn about microcontrollers at their homes. This Self Learning kit will help to learn about various interfacing with 8051 microcontroller.


  • Based on 8051 core AT89S52.
  • USB external programmer Included.
  •  On board 16×2 Alphanumeric display.
  •  On board RTC with battery holder.
  •  On board 4×4 Matrix Keypad.
  •  On board LED for testing and debugging.
  •  On board dual seven segment display.
  •  On board buzzer.
  •  On board EEPROM.
  •  On board 0-5 Volt variable power supply (Pot).
  •  On board motor driver for driving 2 DC Motors/1 Stepper Motor
  •  Open prototyping area
  •  Interfacing with IR Sensors.
  •  Interfacing with ADC.
  •  Exhaustive study material.

Package Includes:

  • 8051 development Board with all inbuilt interfacing x 1
  • 16*2 Alphanumeric LCD x 1
  • ADC interface module x 1
  • USB Programmer x 1
  • USB Cable x 1
  • Cell Holder (6XAA) x 1
  • Sensor (IR Proximity Sensor) x 1
  • Fly Leads for Connection x 20
  • DC Motor with Fan x 1
  • Documentation/Programs/Softwares (Online)


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