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Agriculture Robot


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An agricultural robot or agribot is a robot deployed for agricultural purposes. The main area of application of robots in agriculture is at the harvesting stage. Fruit picking robots and sheep shearing robots are designed to replace human labor. The agricultural industry is behind other complementary industries in using robots because the sort of jobs involved in agriculture are not straightforward, and many repetitive tasks are not exactly the same every time. In most cases, a lot of factors have to be considered (e.g., the size and color of the fruit to be picked) before the commencement of a task. Robots can be used for other horticultural tasks such as pruning, weeding, spraying and monitoring.

Our Agricultural robot is designed around  8051 microcontroller that help machine to maneuver and operate autonomously to demonstrate the process of sowing seeds in farm.

Controlling of machine is by wired remote.

Package Include:

1. Microcontroller AT89S52

2. Pack of Necessary IC and Electronics components:1 set

3. Aluminum Parts:1 set

4. Plastic Wheels:4

5. 5 rpm,12VDC,Geared Motor:4

6. Rubber Track belts:2

7. Pack of Nuts and Bolts:1

8. Instruction Manual in CD:1

9. Power Supply components.

10. General purpose PCB with tactile switches.

Note: Microcontroller IC comes preprogrammed,  Incase you wish to reprogram then 8051 pocket programmer is required.


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