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Arm Self Learning Kit


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Product Description

This kit is specially designed for those who want to kick start building projects with ARM microcontroller. The kit comes with a details step by step guide to make all the programs related with ARM microcontroller. The on board peripherals include SD/MMC card interface, USB2.0 interface, 4Kbit I2C EEPROM, Xbee / Bluetooth / WiFi wireless module interface, ULN2003 500mA current sinking driver, L293D DC motor controller, 16X2 character LCD and many more. The on-chip peripherals and the external hardware on the development board are interconnected using pin headers and jumpers. The I/O pins on the microcontroller can be accessed from a 50 pin male header. This direct access to I/O pins enables you to connect your own devices very easily to the processor.



Microcontroller: LPC2148 with 512K on chip memory

Crystal for LPC2148: 12MhzCrystal for RTC: 32.768KHz

50 pin Berg header for external interfacing

Wireless module adapter for 2.4GHz ZigBee (Xbee) / Bluetooth / WiFi connectivity (DEVICE NOT INCLUDED)

On board 512 bytes of I2C external EEPROM

USB Type B Connector

SD / MMC card holder with SPI interface

No separate programmer required (Program with Flash Magic using on-chip boot loader)

No Separate power adapter required (USB port as power source)

10pin(2X5) FRC JTAG connector for Programming and debugging

50 Pin Expansion header for easy access to I/O pins

On board Two Line LCD Display (2×16) (with jumper select option to disable LCD)

L293D 600mA Dual DC motor Driver

ULN2003 500mA driver

Two RS-232 Interfaces (For direct connection to PC’s Serial port)

Real-Time Clock with Battery Holder

2 Analog Potentiometers connected to ADC

TSOP1738 IR receiver

4 USER Switches


Reset and Boot loader switches

3V button cell for on chip RTC

ON/OFF switch

On Board Buzzer Interface

Schematics and Application examples in KEIL

provided in the documentation CD

Kit Contains:

1 x LPC2148 Pro Development Board

1 x USB Cable

1 x DB9 Serial Cable

10 x Jumper wires

Documentation CD:


Programming Software

Sample Hex Code

Example Codes