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IOT Self Learning Kit


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Product Description

IOT ! You hear it everywhere but are you still unaware about it? No more! We have a complete package for you to learn basic and advance of IOT with friendly step by step instruction guide. The kit includes complete all the materials to start building your IOT projects with speed. It has instructions to assemble and test atleast 10 different experiments like.

List of Experiments:

  • Cloud Controlled LEDs
  • Temperature Logger
  • Home Automation
  • Water Level Monitor
  • Soil Moisture Monitor
  • Lighting Color Control
  • Home Security System
  • Speed Control of DC Motor
  • Street Light Control
  • Parking Sensor
  • Step by Step instruction manual

Package Includes:

  • 1xArduino Compatible Board
  • 1×16*2 Alphanumeric LCD
  • 1xApplication Board mounted with:
    • 1xIR Sensor
    • 1xLDR Sensor
    • 1xTemperature sensor
    • 1xBuzzer
    • 4xSwitches
    • 2xPotentiometer
    • 8xLEDs
  • 1xWi-Fi module
  • 1xUltrasonic Sensor
  • 1xDC Motor + Fan
  • 1x5mm RGB LED
  • 1xRelay Driver board with 4 on board relay
  • 1xMotor Driver Board
  • 20xFlyleads – F-F
  • 1x Battery Holder (6xAA Pencil Required extra )
  • Documentation/Programs/Softwares (Online)