l298 Motor Driver

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Motor Driver-l298


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The L298 motor driver is available in kit form for providing user with ease and user friendly interface for embedded application. L298 motor driver is mounted on a high quality, dual layer PCB for more durability. The pins of L298 motor driver IC are connected to 1×15 10mm berg strip for easy access to the driver IC’s pin functions. The L298 is a Dual Full Bridge driver that can drive up to 2Amps per bridge with supply voltage up to 46V. It can drive two DC motors or one stepper motors, relays, solenoids, etc. The device is TTL compatible.


•Operating supply voltage up to 46 volts
•It can drive bipolar stepper motor up to 2 Amps.
•Bidirectional control of 2 DC motors up to 2 amps each.
•By connecting two H Bridges in parallel it can drive DC motor with current capacity of 4 Amps
•Operating PWM frequency range up to 20 KHz.
•Over temperature protection
•Multi watt 15 package


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