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Industrial PLC Trainer


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Product Description

PLC Trainer is an ideal PLC training tool used for industrial applications. The trainer has been designed to demonstrate the application of PLC in the area of 1. Wiring of PLC with different inputs and outputs. 2. Switches like Latch, NO/NC toggle, NO/NC IR can be connected as an input to the PLC. 3. PLC Training Trainer’s Kit can drive annunciator which has valves, motor, pump, visual indicator and audio indicators according to the input of PLC

Micro PLC from Fatek On board NO/NC switches On board IR switches Sample of Annunciator given on board Most user friendly, most powerful instruction sets PC Based Programming Soft copy of PLC introduction and Tutorials Choice of PLC and expansion module Built-in power supplies Ready experiments Operating Manual Ready to use Application boards

Technical Specifications:

FATEK CPU Type   FBs-14 MA FBs-20 MA Digital Input      8   12 Digital output    6    8 Program size(Words)  2048  4096 Expansion module Nonexpendable   Expandable Toggle Switches     3     3 Latch Switches     3       3 IR Switches          2       2 LED Display       7         7

Boolean Execution speed Sec. per instruction : 0.33 ìs/Sequential instruction in average Interfacing : Rs232, No. of ports : 1, Input voltage : 24 V DC Output voltage : 5 V DC,

General :

Power supply : 220 V ±10%, 50 Hz / 60 Hz on request , Power Consumption : 5 VA (approx.)


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