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The Pluton X is a popular research mobile robot. Its versatility, reliability and durability have made it the reference platform for robot research. Unlike hobby and kit robot, It is fully programmable, and will last through years of tough classroom and laboratory

Dual-Core Computer: Microcontroller: CPU: dual-core 2.26 GHz 32-bit Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 or higher CPU Flash : Ethernet: dual 10/100/1000 ports USB: six USB 2.0 ports with standard connectors Serial:Two RS-232 serial ports Generic digital I/O: 32 with two SPI interface

Sensors: Rear Sonar Sensors- 3 Units Supply Voltage – 5 VDC • Supply Current – 30 mA type; 35 mA max • Range – 2 cm to 4 m • Input Trigger – positive TTL pulse, 2 μs min, 5 μs typ. • Burst Frequency – 40 kHz for 200 μs • Delay before next measurement – 200 μs.

Others: Rechargeable Battery: Li-Po 11.1V , 7Amp/HR Battery Charger Switching Interface Documentation and tutorials Necessary set of tool kit All required cables and connectors SD MMC card holder

Wifi UART Module : High Speed Wireless Ethernet: Data Rate : 11M bps. Support the STA applications in the infrastructure network. Support the OPEN/WEP mode authentication. Support the WEP64/WEP128/CCMP/WPI data. encryption transmission in the shared key mode.

Communication: Zigbee : 60mW with Wire Antenna: 2Units 3.3V @ 215mA 250kbps Max data rate 60mW output (+18dBm) 1 mile (1500m) range AT or API command set USB interface adapter USB 2.0 Wired Communication RS232 wired Communication

Indications: Indicator LEDs Piezo Electric Buzzer


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