Robotic arm kit 5 Axis Servo based trainer at low price

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5 Axis Servo based Robotic arm trainer


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Product Description

Robotic Arm kit is a 5 Axis robotic Arm + Servo Gripper. This robotic arm kit provided here uses 4 gear servo motors with 20Kg/cm torque and two servo motors with 5Kg/cm torque. Robot Arm has 5 degrees of freedom which includes: Base rotation, Shoulder rotation, Elbow rotation, Wrist Rotation and grip. Robotic arm comes preassembled along with versatile servo motor controller which can simultaneously control 6 servo motors, an advanced GUI with Interface for robotic ARM motion

Features: 5 Axis articulated robotic arm Special designed gripper Arduino development board with ISP Six motor driving ports Wireless control supported Manual and Programmed computer control options No knowledge of C programming is required Very simple programming codes USB connectivity

Technical Specifications:

Total Degrees of freedom : 5 Base AOF : 180 ° (approximately) Elbow AOF : 180° (approximately) Shoulder AOF : 180° (approximately) Base AOF : 180° (approximately) Gripper Displacement : 45 mm linear Sensor : Color Sensor (contrast-Black/white)(Optional) : Accelerometer (Optional) : Proximity sensor (Optional) Payload : 100 grams Resolution : 5mm+-20% Repeatability : 5mm +-20% Gripper : Parallel Jaw Actuators : Geared DC Servo Motor Weight : 5 Kg (approximately)


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