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Object Sorting Robot


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Product Description

In many industries it is required to sort objects from a mixture of materials. This machine is an demonstrator of industrial object sorting robot based on color of object. It is based on 8051 microcontroller equipped with IR Black/White  and LDR as object sensors to sense position and color of object. After sensing object and its color robotic arm place them left or right of conveyer belt accordingly.

It comes completely unassembled with instruction manual in CD.

Note: Microcontroller IC comes preprogrammed,  Incase you wish to reprogram then 8051 pocket programmer is required.

Package Include:

1. Microcontroller AT89S52

2. Pack of Necessary IC and Electronics components:1 set

3. Aluminum Parts:1 set

4. Plastic Wheels:3

5. 5 rpm,12VDC,Geared Motor:2

6. 100 rpm,12VDC,Geared Motor:1

7. Microcontroller PCB:1

8. Comparator PCB:1

9. Conveyer Belt:1

10. Pack of Nuts and Bolts:1

11. Instruction Manual in CD:1

12. Power Supply components


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